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What Should Your Small Business Be?

Are you tired of being bossed around for a measly paycheck each day of your life, yet feel stuck because after all you, you have bills to pay? If you have ever thought of being your own boss, than you want to consider just what you want your small business to be about, and how you are going to achieve your goal. The biggest step of course is the change from answering to a boss to becoming one. However you want to have a business that has the potential to grow, and earn you enough income to make it in the world.

Here are 10 small business ideas for a business that can become your own, by adding your own individual flair and techniques to them:

Pet Groomer – Everyone these days have pets and like them smelling clean. From shampoos to makeovers for that little dog or cat you can give your city a new take on the grooming industry. You can even make house calls or make it mobile.

Pet Sitter – People travel and rather than taking them to a kennel they would like them cared for and maybe pampered. A little pet hotel is great for those furry friends unable to travel.

Boutiques – These are available in many places all over the world and each has its own little flair to it.

Children’s Shop – A place either just for toys, or furniture or even kids clothing. Or if you have a large place for your business, all 3 and more.

Antique shop – These are also available in many places around the world. Buy and sell, you can come across some great pieces out there and turn them into a profit.

Movie store – Less and less frequent these days maybe now it is time to bring back a movie store that sells, not rents movies of all kinds in multiple formats from DVD, Blue ray and maybe vintage VHS. Have foreign and domestic films and add in movie posters for a little flair.

Arts and Crafts – A place where people can not only buy the items they like to be creative with, but maybe have space set aside for their creativity. Have art lessons or show off your customers paintings and sell them for them.

Hobby Shops – From model cars, puzzles, rockets, and any other kind of hobby you can think of. Add a little of this to a little of that, or specialize in a hobby that everyone enjoys in the area.

Tourist Shop – If you live in an area that seems filled with tourists than why not open a novelty shop or a place that has everything a tourist might need: maps, convenience food, candy, and knickknacks with city names or pictures on them.

Smoke Shop – A good pipe shop with the right tobacco, maybe some cigars and lighters and you have a quaint little out of the way place for people to relax and of course make you some money.

Second-hand Furniture Shop – These days people are always looking for cheap items for the home like hole on the wall gas fires or cheap beds. Not every one can afford next day mattresses UK delivery – in fact, most people can’t, and the demand for used furniture is high.

Whether these ideas work for you or you have one of your own, be sure and get all your licensing when you open your business. Stick to your plan and follow it through changing it only for the needs of your customers.