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Understanding Why Tamper Evident Seal Security Bags Are So Important

If you are not familiar with the use of security bags, you are unlikely to have experience of their many important features. A number of these different features, including tamper-evident seals, are incorporated into the design for a good reason and if they are not included it can leave the contents of the bags at risk of being tampered with. In the following post, we will look at tamper evident seals and why it is crucial for your business that they are always on the security bags you use.

What Exactly Is A Tamper Evident Seal?

A tamper evident seal is an ingenious strip of adhesive that will show if there have been any attempts to tamper with a security bag. There are a number of different designs and colours, including red, blue and even yellow; as well as a variety of thickness. When an attempt to access the contents or otherwise tamper with these kinds of bags, a message will be displayed along the tamper evident seal normally with the words ‘VOID’ or ‘TAMPERED WITH’.

In addition, you can even invest in more sophisticated types of tamper-evident seal bags like thermochromatic seals. Often thieves will try to melt or freeze the tamper evident seal and then replace it once they have either removed or tampered with the contents of the bag. However, when you use thermochromatic seals, it will change colours or become distorted in some other way – thus indicating clearly that it has been tampered with.

The Importance Of Tamper Evident Seals On Security Bags

While many existent single adhesive seal bags you have been using offer a measure of security, it is generally not enough for the kinds of things security bags are used for. This includes the transportation of sensitive documentation, jewellery and other valuables, and cash. If tamper evident seals are not used, there are many criminals out there who know how to capitalise on this by tampering or removing the contents without anyone realising. For more info visit here.

Possible Outcomes From Not Having Tamper Evident Seals On Security Bags

If all was right and good in the world, you would have nothing to worry about and you certainly wouldn’t need to have tamper-evident seals on your security bags. However, the world is not perfect and crime does happen. Without the appropriate and effective tamper evident security, the contents of these bags can be changed, altered or even stolen.

You could even have the situation where you think everything in a security bag has arrived securely, with no visible evidence that anything has been tampered with. That is until you open the bag and by then it could be too late to do anything about it. As you can see, therefore, it is crucial to invest in security bags that come with tamper-evident seals. The additional cost for the greater protection will be money you will see is well spent, not just by keeping cash, valuables and any important documentation safe, but also by giving you a sense of relief.