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Tips for Shipping Fragile Items

It can be difficult when you have to ship fragile merchandise. However, it is not impossible, so when you put the right planning in and prepare adequately, you can send even the most fragile items safely and securely for personal delivery. In the following post we will share some great tips with you how to do it.

Choose a Rigid Box that is also Lightweight

You need to start by choosing a box that is rigid and strong, but also lightweight that the costs for shipping it will be kept as low as possible. It is also recommended that you choose a box that is a little bit bigger than the item you are sending out. So, big enough to allow space for internal protection, but not too big that your items might be able to move around in transit.

Add Enough Padding

There is no such thing as too much padding, as long as the box can close securely, because you need to make sure the items are not able to move around the box. Bubble wrap is a great type of padding and will work with just about any kind of items. Add enough padding so that the items cannot move around inside the box.

Bubble wrap makes an excellent padding for just about any merchandise. Are you looking to go greener? You can recycle older packaging, breaking it into smaller pieces or old newspapers. Whatever you use you need to squeeze tightly into the gaps between the walls of the box and your item.

Remember to wrap small and loose parts separately and also place these into the box, ensuring they can’t move around.

Make Sure You Get the Correct Weight

To ensure you get the most accurate weight, have your item once it is in the packaging and wrapped up. As the amount of money, you need to pay for postage will depend on the package weight, it’s not something you want to make guesses about. A simple kitchen scale will be good enough to weight your item.

Apply the Right Amount of Postage to It

Make sure that you pay for the right postage for your package. If you do not pay enough, it might not reach its destination.

Label Your Packages as Fragile

Although this is no substitute for effective packing and adequate protection and padding, it is still crucial that you mark your box clearly that the goods inside are fragile. It means that anyone handling it is more likely to take a measure of care with it. However, if you neglect to do it, they won’t know and it could end up being thrown around.

Always Double Check the Postcode and Address it’s Being Sent to

Obviously, you want to make sure your delivered items get there. So, it’s always a good idea to check and re-check the address and postcode of the destination your items are being sent to. The last thing you want is it being sent to the wrong address.