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Small Businesses That Are Easy To Start

In today’s economy there is no such thing any more as a job for life. The simple facts of the matter are that businesses are going broke right, left and centre. Even businesses that are not going broke are cutting back on staff and firing employees indiscriminately. It no longer matters that you have worked for the company for twenty years. In fact you might be one of the first to go because your salary is higher than someone who only joined a couple of years ago.

So if you are like many people you may be thinking of starting a small business of your own and obviously you want something that is easy to run.

There are any number of opportunities on the internet, not the least of which is affiliate marketing. You do not need a product of your own to sell, you don’t need a website (although you could have one) and you don’t need any experience. In effect you become a commission only sales person for another website.

You go to a website like Clickbank, Commission Junction or Amazon where you will find thousands of products to promote. All you do is to find people who want to buy those products and direct them to the site through your “affiliate link”. This is a special link that, say, Amazon gives you so that they know to pay you your commission when people buy from them.

How do you find buyers? You can look on forums, you can start a blog discussing the products and encouraging your visitors to click on your affiliate link or you can even start your own website. Some “Super Affiliates” earn thousands of pounds a DAY promoting other people’s products!

Anther way you can earn on the internet is by starting a blog (free of charge at Blogger or WordPress) and writiing blog posts. You can make money through adsense which is where Google will post adverts on your blog site and when people click on the adverts they will pay you money for every click. They only place adverts that make sense, so if your blog was about fishing they would place adverts of interest to people wanting to know more about fishing.

Another way of starting an internet business is to sell goods on eBay. You can begin by finding things around the home that you really don’t use any longer and list them on eBay. eBay charge you a small fee for listing them and a small commission when they sell. When you have earned some money by doing this you can invest in buying some products and selling them for a profit.

You can sell almost anything on eBay and many sellers make small fortunes doing just that. There is no room here to discuss starting a business on eBay, but you can Google “start an eBay business” and you will get all the information you need.

Once your business gets off the ground, you will need to enlist the help of an accountant. I recommend http://www.bestmanchesteraccountants.co.uk. Visit their site for contact details.